Ear Candling


Candling is a natural ear cleaning technique that began centuries ago. It dates back to biblical times when hollow reeds from swamp areas were used. Because the process works, candling has been passed down for many generations and is practiced around the world.


Candling is a simple, effective remedy for removing excess wax, infections, residuals of past infections, bacteria, yeast, and ear mites. It may improve any of the following conditions; sinus problems, sore throat, ear ache, swimmer's ear, some chronic headaches, allergies, and hearing difficulty.


The practitioner uses a hollow waxed cloth candle. There is no discomfort to the person receiving the treatment. Old ear wax and toxins are drawn up into the candle which has been gently placed in the ear and lit. The low flame of the wick creates a slow vacuum which softens and pulls the old wax into the base of the candle. When the candle has burned down sufficiently, you can examine the base of the candle to see just what was in their ear.


You may hear some crackling when the ear wax is being pulled. Just relax and enjoy the face and neck massage during the session.

If the person has excessive hearing loss, they may feel the heat during the session since their feeling senses are keener than a person with good hearing. If the heat becomes uncomfortable, the candler will stop the procedure and continue when you feel it is appropriate.

After the Candllng session you may feel lightness in your head and noises may appear to be louder. This can be relieved by putting a little ear oil on some cotton and inserting it is the ears. You will find that your hearing has improved as most likely the blockage of wax is gone.

You may feel warmth or itching in the ears. This can be relieved by putting a drop or two of Hydrogen Peroxide in the ears for one or two days after the session. Wipe the ears with a cotton swab. The Hydrogen Peroxide will continue to clean the ears and the itching will stop.

You may find your sinuses are draining or the drainage has increased. This will relieve the pressure in your sinus areas and sinus headaches should decrease.


Yes. If you have a serious ear disease or an upper respiratory infection, consult your physician before you begin this treatment. People who have had a recent ear, nose, throat or sinus surgery of any kind, have tubes in their ears or experience any bleeding should not be candled. Bleeding denotes serious ear problems such as a ruptured ear drum and should always be referred to a physician.

Ear Candling is not intended to be used in place of proper medical attention.

An Ear Candling Session takes about 45 minutes.

Cost per session: $35 $10 off FIRST TIME SESSION

Twice a year we all have our teeth cleaned to keep our mouths healthy. Why not keep our ears healthy with a Candling session? Use your own judgement as to how often you need or want to have a Candling Session.

Ihad my ears flushed by my doctor. A week later, I received a candling andI was surprised at the huge amount of wax removed from my ears after candling. My hearing improved and my sinus headaches decreased. Lynell T.

Candling unclogs my head. I can breathe easier. You get instant results. Matt W.

I would recommend getting an ear candling before you go in for a hearing test. This gives an accurate reading. Especially before getting fitted for a hearing aid. It works for me. Melvin T.


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